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Giving Up In Life's Torment

He is the only human, besides Luce, to be aware of the fallen angels. Callie is the best friend of Luce back in Dover Prep School.

She discovers the identity of Luce's classmates during an unfortunate event at Thanksgiving. He is a Nephilim part angel, but mainly human , and one of the first friends that Luce makes in Shoreline. His talent as being part of the angel bloodline is to be able to mirror others and himself, though he was only able to do it once before he met Luce that being a mirror of his mom. Miles honors his statement that he can only perform this for people he has strong feelings for. Gentle and friendly, he soon wins her trust. He helps Luce understand a little more about the Announcers.

Miles kisses her at one point outside her dorm room and confesses his love to her, Daniel witnesses the encounter. He is liked by Luce's parents, also and has a friendly sort of banter with Shelby. Luce's roommate, who is also a Nephilim. A little grumpy at the beginning, giving the impression of disliking Luce, but with time gets attached to her. She had a crush on Daniel and insinuates that she had an affair with him, which was one of the reasons for disliking Luce at first. Although in an extract it is revealed that nothing much really happened other than the fact that she tried hitting on him but he was too emotionally scarred by Luce's last death.

She loves practicing yoga. Shelby helps Luce manipulate the shadows to look at the past, and is great at observing details that help Luce track over her past lives. Her ex-boyfriend is actually an outcast, who was using her to get to Luce.

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Another nephilim who is Jasmine's best friend and one of Luce's friends in Shoreline. She has an irrepressible enthusiasm, being extremely lively and fun. Her physiognomy appearance is very similar to that of Luce, telling her that the two no longer seemed twins after Luce bleached her hair blonde. Nephilim and best friends with Dawn. She is smoother than Dawn, but she is also perpetually happy, very lively and caring.

Professor of Shoreline along with Francesca, but unlike her, Steven is a demon. He is called "Silver Fox" sometimes by Dawn. His hair is silver and is known to have a slim, attractive body. He is the first of the teachers to agree to Luce's work with the Announcers shadow beings that are able to store messages of the past. Professor of Shoreline along with Steven. Unlike Steven, Francesca is an angel.

She is described by Luce as a beautiful woman with beautiful body and golden curls. Francesca admits later in the book that she has feelings for Steven but is unable to commit to them once they have to fight. The so-called "Sorry-ass ex-boyfriend" of Shelby, who will spy Luce's stay at Shoreline without anybody's knowing it even Shelby who will provide more information. He is one of the Outcasts and will be the one to lead a group of Outcasts in the Thanksgiving party where fallen angels, Luce's Family, bestfriend and Nephilim friends will be at.

Guest Lecture: Frida Kahlo and the Never-Ending Torments of a Mexican Icon in the 21st Century

According to the Bible , a fallen angel is an angel who, coveting a higher power, ends up delivering "the darkness and sin. The most famous is fallen angel Lucifer himself. The fallen angels are quite common in stories of conflict between good and evil. Nephilim are the sons of fallen angels with mortals.

According to Torment , a few Nephilim have wings and may possess minor supernatural talents clones, mind reading, etc. A particular rank of angels. Cam describes them as the worst kind of angel. They stood next to Satan during the revolt, but did not step into the underworld with him. Once the battle ended, they tried to return to heaven, but it was too late. He also mentions that when they tried to go to hell, Satan cast out permanently, and left them blind. Nevertheless, the outcasts have a tremendous control of the other four senses.

In Torment , they chase Luce because they think that if they captured her, they would get back to heaven. It is not explained very well what the Elders are, but they want to see Luce dead more than anything. Miss Sophia is one them, and tried to kill Luce at the end of Fallen. The series was in total five books long.

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  8. The first book, Fallen , was released on December 8, The third book, Passion , was released on June 14, Also released on January 24, released a side novel Fallen In Love which settles between the settings of Passion and Rapture. The fifth book, Unforgiven , was released on November 10, The film adaptation of Torment will be based on the performance of Fallen.

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