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The heart attack was a wake-up call for the year-old, savvy senior. Simply listening to and following recommendations from her doctors would no longer fly. She wanted more. What exactly did her current medications do for her? Should they be changed? What was on the horizon for new and improved measures to conquer this condition? No longer a passive patient, Ungar became her own advocate. In addition to doing research on changes in technology and pharmacology, she began to watch her diet more closely and set up a vigorous exercise program with a personal trainer.

Ungar takes her readers along every step of the way. Through all the turmoil and uncertainty, Ungar kept a stiff upper lip, a trait handed down from her mother, who had no sympathy for whiners or those with self-absorption. The reader sympathizes with and roots for Rosalie Ungar all along the way. For me, it was also educational. Professor, historian, and traveling author Beverly Chico has thoroughly researched the history and culture of headwear throughout the world, including wigs, crowns, caps, and veils. The colorful cover invites the reader to enter the interesting and readable world of headwear.

Once inside this one-volume encyclopedia, the reader will find alphabetically listed entries, interesting sidebar facts, and black-and-white illustrations. The book is an excellent resource and reference book for high school, academic, and public libraries. Then they pack an emotional punch to the gut. The prose is lyrical and heartrending. She expertly moves us through this world, the passage of time, and several interweaving tales.

At the center of the tales is Moti, a human girl turned elf. Through her, the reader comes to understand that this make-believe world is deeply rooted in reality. Ikins channels J. Rather than a boarding school, her backdrop is nature itself. This is also a dreamy, unpredictable place as nature becomes a metaphor for our truer, freer selves. With this freedom comes peril. But the shadows are overwhelmed by the melodic regeneration of nature itself. For those of us on the human side of the divide, recognizing the hope of recovery is the greatest gift this brush with the wild side can bestow.

It is an apt beginning for a book rich in experience and memory that glides gracefully across varied landscapes. There are other reflective poems that touch on her relationship with her parents. Each of these transitions is keenly observed and absorbed into her cache of memories. She and her family eventually settled in Silicon Valley and witnessed the many changes that took place there.

This volume also contains gentle humor and generosity of spirit. By sharing with us her memories accumulated through an era of changing times, Taylor illuminates our shared histories and the many ways we adapt as the world around us transmutes again and again. Cathy Hamm grew up feeling empowered and capable. She was fortunate to have parents who filled her with unconditional love. Hamm enjoyed being a tomboy and doing outside chores. It was while working at a movie theater that Hamm decided she never wanted to feel vulnerable again.

Her first official job in the field of conservation came about by default. In high school, she was late to the table to pick up job placement opportunities and the only job left was working for the Department of Natural Resources DNR. This turned out to be serendipitous. After four and a half years of working at the DNR Southern Service Station, Hamm took the written test to become a conservation officer.

Out of the 3, people who took the written test, she scored in the top She moved forward with strength, agility, medical, and psychological tests. On July 2, , Hamm, another woman, and 15 men were sworn in as Minnesota conservation officers. Hamm knew she was in a field dominated by men; however, she believed her abilities would quickly prove how capable she was. Sadly, quite a few men had a difficult time working with a capable woman. Some wives of male officers felt insecure about their husbands working with a female partner all day.

So many hurdles. Fortunately, Hamm also found many great male co-workers who were not intimidated by her abilities. Though some supervisors and partners created unnecessary struggles for Hamm, she continued to do the best job she could. Unfortunately, bias against women continues to exist. Hamm was truly a trailblazer for women in the field of conservation. It is also about keeping your chin up, knowing which battles are worth it, working hard, staying the course, and proving your worth. Sadly, inequality does exist, yet women like Capt. Cathy Hamm who are willing to share their stories do affect change.

Brenna, an almost-grown bluebird, gets knocked from her nest by Mr. Wind while her mother is out getting breakfast. Fearing the big yellow cat her mother had warned her about, Brenna cries out for help. Many creatures, from an ant to a cricket to a frog, hear her cries and show her how they can get to the nest. The animals encourage Brenna to try out these skills, but with each attempt, she fails. Finally, just as Brenna is about to give up, Sally MacSquirrel excitedly tells her that she knows who can help — Belinda Butterflyer. Author: Brig. I have never met her, but I know I like her.

I believe in her goodness, her truth, and her abilities. Her memoir is honest and forthright, the portrayal of a girl taught values by her parents. Clara always believed in her abilities, her mind, and her personal power. Her parents told her that she was Somebody. That statement is beautiful in its simplicity. They let her know that she could achieve anything with hard work and perseverance. At the age of 4, Clara learned to read. At that same age, she was given the daily chore to milk the family cow. Clara loved to learn. Her sharecropper father directed her to go to nursing college when she graduated from high school at the age of Nursing turned out to be her love.

She later learned that joining the Army would pay for college, give her a monthly stipend, and allow her to travel. The decision for her was a no-brainer. Adams-Ender writes honestly about her love life, her first sexual encounter, her friendships, the importance of loyalty, and the ability to discern. For her, learning was an Olympic sport. She was determined to learn as much as possible.

Obstacles had really been opportunities to excel. I recommend it for students, book clubs, nurses, women, men, teenagers, teachers, and managers. This woman will motivate you while lifting you up. Elizabeth Lenci-Downs has written a suspenseful historic novel that depicts life in Italy in It is the time when three foreign armies were fighting for control of the country: the French of Piedmont-Sardinia, the Austrian Hapsburgs, and the Spanish Bourbon.

The Papacy, with the blessing of the Council of Vienna, continued to fight greedily and violently to reclaim its previously stolen Italian lands. The reader will meet a cast of savory and unsavory characters: Mazzini, Garibaldi, Camillo, Marsilio, Andreanna, and others.

The reader will join the courageous, disobedient Domenico on horseback and then on foot as he desperately searches for his father over hostile, uncharted territory. Both adults and young adults will be entertained and informed. Prather references God with some frequency and acknowledges His desire for someone to meet His gaze, though we typically attempt to hide from it. While Ruth may have saved the lives of these cats, she receives companionship and renewed purpose in return. She shares the important role these animals had in the lives of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren.

For example, having a pet can lower cortisol levels, which might reduce stress or ease pain. They allow the reader to see the personalities of the animals and the love shared between pets and their humans. Time marches on. The book is an educational, eye-opening, heart-wrenching and exciting peek into the lives of those who deviate from the norm. With trepidation, Emily braces herself for an encounter with a man who is a brilliant engineer, but an emotionally vacant, sometimes verbally abusive husband and father.

With a different environment, she is hoping he will change. The reader tags along with Emily as she adjusts, encountering drastic change and unsettling danger for herself and her children while living in Amman. She wonders how she will survive. The marital riffs are exquisitely balanced by numerous explorations of ancient cities in the Holy Land and beyond.

Emily cherishes these lengthy excursions with friends and family and sees them as opportunities to minimize the differences between herself and Philip. With copious details and descriptions of each exploration, the readers feel as if they are part of the team. Emily believes she can hold her marriage together — especially for the sake of the children. An unbelievable set of circumstances brings this page turner to its uncanny conclusion.

It is a must-read. Patricia Daly-Lipe weaves quite a tale, which is based on the life of her mother. She cleverly uses first-person narrative to draw the reader further into the thoughts and feelings of the female protagonist, Elisabeth, known as Libby. The author deftly employs the beautiful French language in prose and poetry, as well as detailed cultural descriptions and inner thoughts of the main characters, for an enjoyable, romantic story. She spins a passionate adventure rich with accurate historical figures and believable characters so fully fleshed out that they become alive.

Intrigue mounts as the novel progresses. Each chapter is prefaced by an appropriate and authentic quote from a well-known historical figure. This adds further allure to an already well-crafted novel. That subtle philosophical format heightens plot and character development while drawing the reader further into this engrossing story of love. As the book unfolds, each quote sets the mood for life at that time. What might transpire next in this delightful romance of forbidden loves?

Who was she? Daughter of a nobleman, wife of a Vespucci, object of desire of Lorenzo and Giuliano Medici and possibly of Botticelli, she was known as the most beautiful woman of the Renaissance. Dead at age 22, she was mourned, it is said, by the entire city of Florence; thousands followed her coffin to its burial. Using her own translations of letters and manuscripts of the time as well as histories of the life and paintings of Botticelli, the author has created letters, dreams, reminiscences, and conversations to paint her own stunning portrait of a woman almost lost to history.

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Imagine yourself on the longest flight in the world—a full 17 hours non-stop across the Pacific. You wake up with 8 hours to go. A Movable Marriage is a pleasurable, if dizzying excursion across a first marriage and then a more lasting second one. Park City sash in the Mrs. The photographs of the various houses Ms.

Pimental turned into homes are a treat. But this book is more astute than a quick chat over pomegranate-laced micro-greens. To label Ms. More than anything, these are stories women can relate to. Pimental deftly quotes Virginia Woolf, Beryl Markham, and other trailblazing women all while clutching Frampton, the teddy bear her daughter gave her. A Movable Marriage is an honest, sweet and sharp look at what it means to love others. Also by Ms. To buy, click here to visit amazon. The plot concerns a stolen, ancient book of herbal cures.

Czech foreign rights have been sold to Albatros Media, largest publisher in the Czech Republic. Blackstone Audio has purchased rights for the audiobook. Names and fragments written by familiar poets and novelists create a unifying literary theme throughout the work. My first surprise was Wild Nights! Wild Nights! When the old volume disappears from the wine cave of a French chateau, the worldwide search is on, with strands that reach out to a small California town.

Lily, a librarian arrives in this village with her own bookmobile and is asked by two women curious about the subject of erotica to start a secret book club. The three nice ladies of different ages and backgrounds, each face their own personal problems, even as they attempt to find a suitable book to read. Not as easy as they thought. The mystery heats up. Following her magical intention, the author paints vivid pictures, places, and memorable characters, to bring light-hearted elements, as well as serious ones to the writing.

All through the book, the author lets elements of nature, science, and magic dance across the pages, from poisonous plants, from migrating butterflies to the Chaos Theory. Even an odd tea infused with herbs from a gypsy garden. Meyers, FL. I hope to provide the flavor of family farm life in an earlier era, for no matter where I live, my heart will remain on that Illinois Prairie, a few acres of which I still own!

Extensive black and white vintage and current photographs and line drawings complement the information. An Ancestor Chart provides relevant family information. Her poetry gives insight into farm life in a very lyrical manner. The topics and illustrations presented in the memoir give a comprehensive history of this time period in America. It is a story about the past, told in the present and designed to be useful in constructing the future. The memoir ends with a portrait photograph of Mary Woodward Priest at age This book of free verse moves through the milestones of womanhood with the imagery of particular wildflowers, birds, skies, and quiet places.

Yet the poems are not always as quiet as they first appear. Looking at the self and nature intertwined, Margaret sees into life and nature and finds ways to accept and embrace the fullness of change from the lost days of flower children to the mundaneness of LED screens, from the changes of the seasons to the seasons of love. Some of the poems examine distance and closeness between woman and man. The poem Signs speaks of how a woman, being taken for granted, makes changes which are as unnoticed as the dawn sky or a cardinal at the feeder.

It was so long ago that cool season the water still runs green The stream still slides The space has grown to worlds apart. Will I ever find you again among the leaves As I search the April woods for lady slippers Beneath the dappled shade and my heart Misplaced by careless keeping? Poets often write about nature with no purpose other than to describe its magnificence but this poet steps back and observes her own response to nature whether it moves her to memories of significant relationships or to the urge to daydream about what could have been.

Chico, historian with a national reputation as an expert in the history of headwear, brings her scholarship and witty writing to this paged encyclopedia.

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I found myself eagerly delving into one subject after the other, uncovering a fascinating world of culture, history, and economics. Did you know the first flat, round cap was used in the Bronze Age? Its multiple uses have been to designate Basque shepherds—to the Green Berets Special Forces—to the guerrillas of Che Guevara—to the baby blue-colored UN-peacekeeping units, and even was part of the Girl Scout national uniform from to This simple cap has been a symbol of defiance as well as unity.

As the cultural value of a headwear piece lessens, production of it diminishes and leads to financial loss for its producers. This, coupled with the Civil Rights Movement that challenged middle-class social-status etiquette, led to a vast reduction in the use of formal hats for males. The poems remind us to treasure the people and places in our lives. This compilation shows a path to self-discovery and healing, and covers a wide range of experiences and emotions. These include heartache, loss, humor, and wisdom.

It will my Genesis. Everyone will know my name. Like the unchained performer, my soul twists like a snake around memories of Eden, a time before the disappearance of happiness. For the moment, I am unfettered, free of grief, crowing, like the rooster,. It is a poem of hope for all who are grieving a loss and healing from the emotional pain.

It shows the power of poetry to heal, as does the entire collection. Calder Lowe is an award-winning poet, editor and short fiction writer. In her new, vibrant collection she combines these and other genres to delightful effect. The Light On His Feet encompasses flash fiction, short stories, prose poems, and even a novella in progress. Intrepidly, they view these situations as obstacles to overcome, whether through faith or sheer determination. Take Ashley, a discouraged woman who is plotting her own demise, until a sliver of grace presents itself, giving her life renewed purpose.

Another character, Mary figures a way to navigate out of an abusive relationship. And, Anna Marie, an older, long widowed woman gets a new lease on life when Jesus materializes in the living room of her small home. There are a number of stories exploring family dynamics framed with keen observation and wit. Interwoven throughout this collection are prose poems and flash fiction pieces which are all thought-provoking and often ironic.

The protagonists in this volume are uncompromising, refusing to countenance any affront to their dignity or self-esteem.

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Part of the pleasure of reading this prose collection is finding out the inventive, sometimes dark, but always surprising approaches they take to triumph over whatever life throws their way. To fully appreciate the chapters, the reader needs to look up the Abstract American artists alluded to in the quotations cited. Thus, this novel required a certain academic study. Hanson, Modesto Branch, CA. Artist and poet Roberta Bearden offers the reader an intimate look at life in the Central Valley of California where Fog is a lightly stepping stalker, a yard sale signals that next month the bank will own the house and the valley on edge is tilting back toward desert sand.

She is grateful to be turning 70, rejoicing that she refuses to give anger and reminds to remember love and give it. Using simple and direct language like her childhood meals of fried potatoes, pinto beans and cornbread, her observations are poignant and heart-felt as she buried her love in the corner of her heart for the estranged stepdaughter. She makes real the fear of dying alone in her poem The Death Floor where the fear is that you might wake and find yourself alone saying goodbye to an empty room, or in A Thousand Miles Away her communication with an invalid woman is broken when the hurricane silenced the connection — waters crept silently through her doors and windows.

In her poem On The Museum Steps her painting pictured on the cover of her book , she reflects on the 4th of July celebration — the day her father died — that sometimes traditions are made without our consent. Her words bring forth the truths of love, friendship, death and loss, a chronicle of the human condition.

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This contemporary collection, rooted in haiku tradition, captures a timeless quality that is rich, precise, and meaningful. From shore to shore, season to season, these gifted women poets present poetry that is both poignant and joyful. To read Seasons of Sharing is to experience a kaleidoscope of seamless voices in a collaboration of love. Global friends gift the reader with a treasure one will read again and again. Author: Alice M. Even the putative accounts are documented as certain fact. It is a worthy read for an eleven-year-old reader and up to adulthood. Help Centre. Track My Order.

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The Wars of the Jews - Audiobook by Flavius Josephus - Book 1, 2, 3

Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Key Features Insight into both mainstream and independent cinema Scientific reliability Easy readability Social and cultural context. Origins and first authors. Winds of war. A new world in the postware period. The years of experimentalism. Gears of War : Ascendance Gears of War. In Stock. Minecraft The Survivors' Book of Secrets. Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.

The Legend Of Zelda Encyclopedia.

Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)
Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2) Robertas Story (The Bethesda Wars Book 2)

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